Monday, August 24, 2009


Why should we learn silat? Why did I choose silat as my martial art discipline? No one could ever answer these questions but ourselves. There's no need to go far. Take me as an example. As far as I can remember, nobody in my own neighbourhood could stand even just a month learning silat. Why? I can give you thousands of relevant answers. First, no TRUE interest! Most of the youngsters nowadays join silat simply because of following their friends, not merely because they are eager to learn it. That is why, when the time's up, they "vanish" completely. Second, some of them just want to learn how to KICK ASS! They think that by learning a few steps of silat movements, they could show their skills during the silat tournaments or in the street fights. These kind of people could never stand a few nights learning the very basics of silat because they would get bored in no time. They might think that they can "graduate" in a matter of weeks, I supposed. Learning silat is just like going to school. It takes years to complete theoretically  but to be at least good at it, it needs more than that. I hope that you can understand what I am trying to say. I am not that good in delivering and expanding points. Next, another thing that comes across my mind is people nowadays (I mean my own race) has no spirit of patriotism. Silat is a Malay ancient martial system and it can be considered as a valueless treasure that no other race in this world could understand. But from what I can see now, other races are starting to focus on silat and its unique steps. Take Discovery Channel for example. If I am not mistaken, there are more than one programme focusing on silat, or at least show the beauty of silat in a glimpse. Whoopsy! I think I've said too much. Wait for my next post, SILAT; STREET FIGHTING: RELEVANT @ NOT? But till then, why did I choose silat? It's simply because, I LOVE IT...

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